Wi-Fi Firmware Upgrade for ScanDoc Compact.

The firmware upgrade is applicable for ScanDoc Compact controller of 2016 only (in the “shortened” сase):

sdcn sdc sd

The update makes the following changes into the Wi-Fi controller’s function:

  1. The firmware of Wi-Fi controller error is eliminated due to that the firmware might have been damaged when power is failed while controller’s being loaded (lunched).
  2. The incompatibility with some types of Wi-Fi controllers used to connect to ScanDoc controller is also eliminated.

Please, log out when ScanDoc program is being upgraded. Don’t do any vehicle’s health checks or use utility functions.
The power should be provided to the controller or it is to be connected to the vehicle’s health check connector.

Procedure Description

  1. Download the zip-file with 2 new Wi-Fi firmwares:
    setup sdc-wf-upd-180113.zip

    – and extract it on your computer:
    The zip –file contains 1.zip. and 2.zip files. Don’t extract them.
  2. Connect to the device in a standard way via Wi-Fi.
  3. Go to Wi-Fi controller settings changes page.
    To log on to the Wi-Fi controller ScanDoc settings’ display and changes run any Internet browser and type in the following address in the address bar:
    wlan set_Eng
  4. Scroll the page down up to the Firmware Update field:
    wlan upload
  5. In the Firmware Update section, consider the installed program version (within the “Current” field):
    • If your program version is 20160318-135620/… , you ‘ll need to upgrade your software in accordance with this manual.
    • If the version number is 20180109-100352/… , don’t upgrade.
    • If the version number is 20180108-130329/… it means the previous software upgrade hasn’t been fully completed and you ‘ll need to finish it following the instructions starting with the para. 12 of this manual.
  6. Press the button “Overview” in the Firmware Upgrade section.
    upload button
  7. When the window opens, select a folder with 2 firmware files which are got from the zip-file in the para 1 of this manual.
    wlan open
  8. Select zip-file 1.zip.
    Important information! Order of files’ selection can’t be changed. File 1.zip should be uploaded first.
    Press the red button Upload.
  9. Don’t close the browser and wait till the firmware file is loaded.
    Typically, the download takes a few seconds, but it can take several minutes to load. It is important to wait for the download to finish and not to turn off the power and do not overload the page in the browser.
    We recommend using the Chrome browser, because it shows the download status in the lower left corner of the screen. If during the firmware a failure has occurred (for example, the browser gave an error), do nothing and do not turn off the power for 3 minutes (it is possible that the firmware is still running in the background process)
    After the file is uploaded there will be the line: “Update completed successfully”.
    unnamed 021
  10. Type in the address in the Internet browser address bar: again to go to the Wi-Fi controller settings page once again.
  11. In the same Firmware Upgrade section check that the current controller’s firmware version is updated to the 20180108-130329/… version.
  12. In the same way as the previous, select the second file of the firmware file – 2.zip. via the button “Overview”.
  13. Press the key


    to confirm when selected.
    After it’s updated successfully you ‘ll get the message:” «Update completed successfully» in the browser.
  14. Type in the address in the Internet browser address bar: again to go to the Wi-Fi controller settings’ page.
  15. In the same Firmware Upgrade section check that the firmware current version has been updated to the version of 20180109-100352/…
  16. Close the controller’s administrator interface page and go to the ScanDoc vehicle’s health check program.
  17. Check the connection with the controller ( e.g. via the button “Connection test” in the tab “Options”).
  18. The update is completed. Let the operation be successful.