Description of program "Сlients"

Clients program is meant for the accounting of the performed work and storage of the diagnostic information received from the ScanDoc and MotoDoc programs. By means of the program it is possible to keep and look through the data stored in client base. It is also possible to create a report, to print it or to save it on the computer. Data can be entered manually or read from the programs ScanDoc and MotoDoc.


Program description

The interface of the program consists of three main fields:

  • Card of vehicle and client. It contains the common data about the car and its owner. The data can be used for search.
  • Field with the information about the vehicle systems.
  • VIN list, which consist all VINs stored in the base. Each VIN is unique. Each VIN contains the list of visits.

Over the VIN list there are three control buttons.

Button Description Hot key
addVIN Add  This button allows you to add a VIN to the client base.
editVIN Edit  By means of this button you can edit a VIN.
deleteVIN Delete This button deletes the chosen VIN.

The control panel located in the top right corner, contains the elements providing additional functionality.

Button Description Hot key
QuantexHelp Help This button opens the page with documentation on the site of Quantex company.
ReportCreate Preview This button creates the report based on the results of checking a vehicle condition.
Print Print This button allows you to print the report.  

Settings Settings It is possible to choose language of the program interface, add information about your firm, set the path to the client base and also set currency in which the prices for parts will be displayed.

The panel of editing of information, located under the names of diagnosed systems, consists of special buttons by means of which it is possible to add all necessary information on each system.

Button Description Hot key
Complaint Complaint This button is used to add the complaint of the client about the work of the system.
Defect Defect This button allows you to add the defect description because of which the system works incorrectly.
Detail Part/work This button is used to add the information about the replaced parts and their price.  

Recommendation Recommendation This button is used to add all recommendations given to the client.  

Comment Comment This button allows you to add additional comments of the master or the client.
Firmware Software This button is used to save in the base the software which was loaded into the system.
Configuration Configuration This button is necessary to save the current vehicle configuration. The configuration is read by means of the scanner ScanDoc or added manually.
GAS Gas analyzer  This button allows you to add the gas analyzer data manually..
editInformation Edit  This button is necessary to edit the data.
Down Down This button allows you to move the current record down on one position.
Up Up This button allows you to move the current record up on one position.
DeleteInformation Delete This button is used to delete the choosen record.

To get quick access to necessary data, use the search field.


All data can be added manually

Perform the following operations to add a new VIN to the base:

  1. Push the button Add VIN.
  2. Enter tne VIN.
  3. Push the button Ок.


The new VIN is displayed in the list left.

Perform the following operations to add a new visit:

  1. Choose the VIN in the list.
  2. Push the button Add a visit.
  3. Fill in the card of the vehicle and the client  (It is not obligatory to fill in all fields at once).
  4. Push the button Ок.


The name of the master is added from the special directory. Push the button ... to add the master. It is possible to choose one of the present masters. You can add a new master to the list with the button New.


The new visit is displayed in the list left.


To add the systems which will be diagnosed, perform the following operations:

  1. Push the button Add system.
  2. Choose the necessay system.
  3. Push the button Ок.

All the necessary systems can be added manually. Enter the name of the system and push the button +.


To add the information to each system, use the panel of information edition. It is possible to attach any data stored on the computer to each record. It can be, for example, a photo of defective unit. By means of parameter «In the report» you can choose the records which will be displayed in the report.


Data can be added from the program ScanDoc.

  1. Start the ScanDoc program.
  2. Connect to the control unit.
  3. Choose the necessary tab.
  4. Push the button Add to report.


Clients program will be started automatically.
If the VIN wasn't found in the base (the vehicle is diagnosed for the first time), add it with the button + and fill in the card of the vehicle and the client.
If the VIN was read correctly and was found in the base, the branch to the record will be performed automatically. You can create a new visit or add the data to one of the present visits.
If the VIN is hard to access or it wasn't read by the scanner, but the vehicle was diagnosed earlier, it's possible to use for search the data stored in the card of the vehicle and the client (vehicle registration number, model, brand). To open the search field, push the button located over the VIN list.


By means of the button Preview the report about the vehicle condition will be created.
It is possible to print the report. You can save it in PDF or ODT format on your computer. You can also search for the necessary data in the report.


Review of Clients program

Example of the work of Clients program